Why Miradry?

Do you want to be free of underarm odor, sweat, and hair?

Miradry is for everyoneWell imagine the relief after finding the perfect solution MiraDry. A one- time treatment, which is a new, non-invasive, and FDA- approved treatment proven to be a long lasting treatment for underarm sweat, odor, and hair- a 3-1 package.

This is not a dream come true, it is a reality!

The Facts

The difference between MiraDry and Botox, another popular treatment for excessive underarm sweat, is that Botox temporarily blocks sweat glands for 3 to 6 months. MiraDry destroys them completely. This permanent process uses microwave energy delivered deep into the skin – where sweat glands live. MiraDry also gets rid of underarm odor and hair forever. That means no more sessions of laser hair removal and goodbye deodorant.

While it may feel as though we produce more sweat from our underarms than the rest of our body, the truth is, the human body only retains 2% of our 4,000,000 sweat glands in our underarms.  Inhibiting underarm sweat with Botox, MiraDry, or an everyday antiperspirant doesn’t undermine the body’s ability to cool off or eliminate toxins.

Who Should Get It

This treatment is recommended for those who no longer want to sweat, shave or wax, and wear anti-perspirant.  

The Expectations with MiraDry

An instant reduction in sweat will be noticed after the procedure is finished. Their will be no more odor and hair will be completely gone.  Some confined soreness or swelling will occur and is normal, treated with a mild over-the counter pain reliever and ice packs. Downtime is minimal to none. The terminated sweat glands do not grow back or renew. A recent clinical study demonstrated an 86% reduction in underarm sweating.

If you would like to learn more about this procedure you can contact either of our two locations in Doral and Kendall for a free consultation.