How It Works It’s actually pretty simple. 

The miraDry ® system uses energy that targets and destroys the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are destroyed they do not grow back—so once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Here is what is happening below your skin.

After your underarm has been numbed and is ready to be treated, the clinician will place the handpiece directly on your skin, lining up with the temporary treatment template applied to your underarm.

Next, the handpiece is activated. You will feel a slight suction as your skin and glands are brought closer to the surface for maximum results.

Finally, miraWave TM energy is delivered and the sweat and odor glands are destroyed. All the while, soothing cooling is applied to protect your skin.

What To Expect

Clean, Confident, Carefree!.

Until now, managing your underarm issues and the negative impact on your body, clothing, and self-confidence has been messy, time consuming, and costly. Now there is a solution! miraDry ® is the first and only non-invasive treatment to permanently eliminate your underarm sweat and odor glands. FDA-cleared and CE marked, the miraDry treatment is done in the comfort of your doctor's office and is quick-taking only about one hour. After your treatment, you can expect to see immediate and lasting results.

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And miraDry is for YOU*, if you are:

  • Bothered by underarm sweat
  • Tired of underarm stains in shirts
  • Seeking a natural, toxin-free lifestyle
  • Done feeling sticky at the end of the day
  • Wanting to be free from underarm sweat
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Excessive underarm sweating is the pits.

The medical term for this condition is ‘axillary hyperhidrosis’ and it can be unpredictable, embarrassing, and not to mention uncomfortable and expensive. Plus the dry cleaning bills really add up after a while. It doesn’t have to be like this anymore. There are new ways to curb underarm sweating that are long lasting and some are even permanent. Just imagine being able to raise your arms, give a presentation, hail a taxi, without worrying about wetness or odor. The feeling is positively liberating!

We now have a non surgical solution.

Miradry has been a complete life-changer for many who sweat a lot, says Alberto Nader, Clinical Director of Aromas Medspa in Miami, Florida. The system employs microwave energy to zap the sweat glands under the arms without surgery. (Sweat glands do not regenerate, so when destroyed, they are gone forever.)  Miradry is extremely effective for permanent reduction of underarm sweat. With one treatment, you can expect to see an immediate and significant reduction of sweat. Some individuals may need a second treatment but more than 85% will only need one session. It’s pretty close to painless, the underarms are numbed with a local anesthetic prior to having Miradry, so the treatment is very comfortable.

Is Miradry for you? “Whether you sweat a tremendous amount or just a little, it is beneficial for anyone desiring a reduction in underarm sweat and odor. You no longer have to replace shirts due to the permanent staining. There is no more embarrassment in social settings and they can feel much more confident on a daily basis. An added bonus? Miradry also reduces underarm hair at the same time.